The Oasis Senior Center helps to maintain a high quality of life for the less independent adults.

Our mission is to help less independent seniors remain physically and mentally active while offering opportunities for socialization and personal growth in a stimulating, safe, and caring environment.

Participants receive Morning breakfast, Nutritious HOT lunch and Evening snacks, and the special care they need.

At Oasis Senior Center, we thrive to create an exciting and harmonious community for seniors to make sure that they enjoy their day while receiving the utmost support and homely care they need. Oasis Senior Center provide the best Adult Day Care facilities in Newark with our well experienced and cooperative staff, well balanced and nutritious meals. We here focus completely on health, social well-being and daily needs.


Our dedicated staff is here to provide compassionate care. Our goal is long term support in keeping our clients independent and active. We accept adults that are unable to live independently, who need support in their daily activities, or those who would benefit from the social experience and stimulation of an adult day care program like ours. We offer emotional, functional, social/spiritual, physical and mental support.


​Oasis Senior center offers caregivers support and relief so that the caregiver can go to work, finish errands and other daily tasks while knowing that their loved one is well tended in a caring environment. Taking short term breaks can relieve stress, restore energy, and promote balance in a caregiver’s life. In addition, Live Oak Adult Day Care offers support groups, classes and other resources to help caregivers in their daily lives.


We ensure that our clients have an opportunity to enjoy a variety of stimulating activities.